Get the Adobe Flash Player to see this video. Click video to start Dear visitor of our website! 2012 will bring fascinating and beautiful new tasks for us. We continue to focus on the exploration and documentation of the outstanding medieval music culture of South Western Germany. In April 2010 we started a new series of recordings devoted to the musical treasures of the venerable Library of Saint Gall. Our third CD on our label Christophorus again in collaboration with the SWR put focus on Notker Balbulus. It was presented to the public at Saint Gall/CH and released in January 2011. [-> more] [-> Flyer] Our Notker-CD was awarded a "Golden Label" of the Belgian Classic Journal Klassiek Centraal. The ceremony took place in the Gothic Hall of the Townhall of Brussels. Also our CD "Insula felix - Music from the monastery of Reichenau" recorded on the island of Reichenau was released on Christophorus. [-> more] [-> Audio] On Feburary 4th the Planctus Mariae Wolfenb├╝ttel will be performed for the first time at the place of the manuscript at Wolfenb├╝ttel. [-> Concerts] [-> Video] In October we will record music in honor of the 1000 anniversary of Hermannus Contractus from the Reichenau in 2013 for the Raumklang label in co-production with the UNESCO World Heritage Isle of Reichenau, the SWR and the BR to be released in 2013. As usual you will find further information on our site here. Enjoy our programs, concerts, workshops and CDs, yours Stefan Morent