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TüBingen - Digital critical edition of the music of Hildegard von Bingen

As part of DiMusEd procjet TüBingen develops a digital critical edition of the music of Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179).
[more on Hildegard von Bingen]
In comparison to CWN this is a rather special repertory, since it is made up of monophonic music transmitted in manuscripts using German neumes written on lines. [more ...]
Such a special repertory however provides the advantage of reducing the difficulty of the task of visualisation on the screen compared to a multi-part score. On the other side it represents a good test for the flexibility and extensibility of the data format.
Project TüBingen is made up of two main project phases:

  • Phase 1 seeks to develop a data format appropriate to the general demands of critical music editing as well as to the pecularities of Hildegard's music and its transmission.

  • Phase 2 aims at developing concepts for visualization in relation to the data format of phase 1.
    Topics will be the visualization of the edition in a browser as well as developing a GUI for the editor.

    As a first result the MEI-Neumes-Viewer is now available online.


April 2010

New project plans

After the end of the first funding period by the GRF the project is developing new plans for futher activities.
In cooperation with the Stiftsbibliothek Sankt Gallen and the e-codices project for digitalizing Suisse medieval maunscripts based at the university of Fribourg we are aiming at a digital and multi-media edition of selected manuscripts of Saint Gall Library.
The recording of Notker's compositions by ensemble Ordo Virtutum will be linked to the digitalized manuscripts.
We are also planning to collaborate with projects that try to develop OR software for neumes.

April 2009

End of the first period of funding

At the end of the 2-years grant by the GRF the project has reached its major goals.
The module meiNeumes as part of MEI as well as the MEI-Neumes-Viewer have been developed.

May 2008

MEI Neumes-Viewer online (test phase)

After completing his diploma thesis Webbasierte Visualisierungskonzepte für digitale Musikedition am Beispiel von meiNeumes by Gregor Schräder, collaborator within the TüBingen porject, the MEI-Neumes-Viewer is now available online for testing.

November 2007

With the Graduate thesis Web-based Visualization Concepts for Digital Music Edition using meiNeumes by Gregor Schräder, research fellow within the TüBingen project, project-phase 2 started.

September 2007

Preparing project-phase 2

Currently phase 2 of the TüBingen project is being prepared. Here we seek to develop tools to visualize in a web browser the critical edition of the music of Hildegard von Bingen encoded in meiNeumes.
A dimploma thesis Web-based visualization concepts for digital critical edition of music using meiNeumes is prepared.

August 2007

Project-Phase 1 finished

After completing of Gregor Schräder's Undergraduate thesis An XML data format for representing critical music editions with special consideration of neume notation as a collaboration between the Departments of Musicology and Computer Sciences (Programming Research Group/Prof. Dr. Herbert Klaeren) phase 1 of project TüBingen came to a successfully end.
As a result the module meiNeumes has been developed, which will be integrated into the newest version of Perry Roland's MEI.
The Undergraduate thesis can be found in the download area. [more ...]
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