The School of Notre Dame

Music from Leonin, Perotin and Philipp the Chancellor

Between the end of the 12th and the beginning of the 13th century a major step in the history of Western music develops within the surroundings of Notre Dame de Paris: the musica mensurabilis, a music which is built on a genuine measuring of musical time.

For the first time we hear of obviously well-known composers such as Leonin and Perotin to whom are attributed specific compositions which are also found in representative manuscripts of that time. In addition there are theroretical treatises reflecting these compositorial innovations.

This program presents the monumental four-part organa of Perotin written around 1200 for the Christmas liturgy at Notre Dame in Paris.

Perotin's works are accompanied by selected compositions of Leonin, who is called a predecessor of Perotin in contemporary sources.

Embedded inbetween are works of Philipp the Chancellor.
Montalbane 2006

Notre Dame | "Transit Hebreus"

Notre Dame | "Dic Christi veritas"

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    • 6 singers, a capella; for small to medium-sized resonant churches.

  • Performances:

    • 06. 10. 2006, 19h
      Stifstkirche Stuttgart

    • 23. 06. 2006, 20:30h
      St. Marien/Freyburg

    • 22. 09. 2005, 20h
      Dom zu Speyer/Krypta

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