Planctus Mariae Virginis

Wolfenbütteler Marienklage

This beautiful Planctus Mariae was written and probably performed around 1420 at Braunschweig/Germany.

A particular feature of this planctus is the appearance of Petrus, Joseph and Nikodemus who make up a symmetrical counterpart to the three Maries.

For our performance we used as a basis the original manuscript, which survives at Wolfenbuettel Library/Germany.

As the rubrics indicate, this planctus was performed within the serene liturgy of Good Friday. Therefore we chose as a frame for the play the solemn and moving chants of that day, sung by a Scola.

The staged performance is the result of deep-rooted research of ensemble Ordo Virtutum in the traditions of medieval sacred drama with special attention to the significance of gesture.

We are very proud to have presented the first performance in 1999 at the marvellous crypt of Speyer cathedral with its unique atmosphere, including performers as legendary Andrea von Ramm.

A new performance was given featuring Anne Azéma as Mother Mary.

The most recent performance of 2010 saw a new combination with Penderecki's 'Stabat mater'

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Further information:
  • [-> Video]

  • Program information:

    • 8 singers/actors, 1 fiddle, 1 harp/flute; Church, chapel, minimum acting space: 6x6 m

  • Performances:

    • 04. 02. 2012, 6pm
      Hauptkirche Beatae Mariae Virginis Wolfenbüttel/Germany

    • 16. 04. 2011, 8pm
      Seminarkirche Tanzenberg: Trigonale Klagenfurt/Austria

    • 02. 10. 2010, 8pm
      Abteikirche Otterberg [-> Video]

    • 31. 05. 2002, 7pm
      Klosterkirche Maulbronn [-> Video]

    • 23. 09. 2001, 7pm
      Kleincomburg: Hohenloher Kultursommer [-> Video]

    • 22. 09. 2001, 7pm
      Kleincomburg: Hohenloher Kultursommer [-> Video]

    • 09. 09. 1999, 8pm
      Crypt of Speyer Cathedral [-> Video]

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